Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Jay Katari on Fabric Recycle

I want to talk about fabrics.  The fabric recycle market, comprising roughly 2,000 companies, eliminates from the solid spend flow 2.5 billion dollars weight of post-consumer fabric product spend every season.

Between 1990 and 2003, the United States released nearly 7 billion dollars weight of used outfits and worn fabric items all over the globe, according to the World Trade Atlas. The average American tosses away about 68 weight of outfits and fabrics per season.  Imagine if some of those clothes could be used to help poor and disadvantaged children and adults in our country and overseas.

Most recycle companies are actually small, family-owned businesses, with less than 500 workers, the majority of recycle companies employ between 35 and 50 people.
The market as a whole is a powerful generator of growth, employing roughly 10,000 semi-skilled and workers at the main handling level, and makes an additional 7,000 jobs at the final handling stage.  Primary and additional processor chips of eco friendly fabric items account for yearly revenue of $400 thousand and $300 thousand respectively.

Textile recycle companies give rise to the revenue base of federal, local and state government authorities.  They are Main Road – not Wall Road. 

Textile website pages trade 61 % of their items.  According to the U.S. Age Institution, trade revenue of reprocessed outfits from the U.S. surpassed $217 thousand in 1999.

While a few modern areas attract fabric recycle programs or definitely support fabric recycle, most do not.  About 85 % of used textilesend up at dumps where it consumes about 4 % of rubbish space.

Jay Katari is a social entrepreneur and a successful businessman in South Florida specializing in used clothing collection and recycling.

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